Decision to Try

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So many days I spent in here. I used to always pick a seat in the corner and hope that my constant clammering on the keyboard wouldn’t disrupt any of the other students. It’s not that I didn’t have my own computer or that I necessarily liked the computer lab on the second floor, but something about sitting with the other students who were also learning, growing and working inspired me.

And here I am again, 5 years later sitting in the same computer lab at FAU, my old stomping grounds. I’m at orientation with my younger brother, the next Haynes to make that gigantic leap from a class of 700, to a school with almost 30,000 students. As you can guess, nostalgia and reminiscing have been abundant the last two days!

Listening to the current students talk about their college life and getting involved makes me miss the days I spent driving from club event, to honor society meeting, to work, to class. It was hectic and overwhelming, but it gave me purpose.

And purpose has been a word that the FAU orientation leaders have thrown around a lot the last couple days. You’ll find your purpose in college. Perhaps not in the classroom, but what you choose to do when no one is forcing you. What you want to do when you’re not doing it for your resume – that’s where you’ll find your purpose in college.

It’s not like it’s easy! After all, you don’t just walk into your first club meeting and BINGO! It takes time, exploration and dedication to find what your life will be consumed with. For me, that was finding mentorship opportunities and learning to become a leader in the community. I wanted to be that person who everyone said “just as her!”

My rambling may not make any sense, but I’m hear to explain to the timid freshmen that I know it’s tough. I had to work up the courage to join clubs and groups that I didn’t necessarily want to go to. At the time, I’d much rather be at home on the couch watching Netflix until my eyes turned red or with my high school friends talking about how much I missed them. But putting yourself out there, just a little bit, just a simple “Hi, I’d like to learn more” will get you on your way.

Sitting in this computer lab 4 or 5 years ago, I didn’t know who I was supposed to be. It took all that time to be true to myself. It took me time to stop listening to the logical voice in my head, and listen to my soul and my heart. I’m still developing that purpose and that drive to give back to the community and find the right organizational fit. But I couldn’t have done it with out a little “umph” and the decision to try.


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