Are you born a leader?

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I didn’t realize I was interested in enhancing my leadership skills until my last year of college. I quickly became enthralled with learning about leadership and ways to be a successful person who others looked up to. I immediately joined leadership honor societies, became president of a mentorship club, got my leadership certification and read a trillion articles every night about how to do leadership the justice it deserved. I wish I had realized this potential earlier in my college career.

I guess when you really think about it, I’ve been interested in being a leader since I was young. When I was little I would drag my brothers in my room, set up school desks and cheerfully help them do work that I selected from my 2nd grade workbook. Ok, it was less cheerful and more forceful, but that’s what happens when you’re the oldest of three and the only girl. You want to teach and guide and show them the way. I started developing my leadership skills from that very day, when I realized that force, yelling and frustration was not the way to being a good boss.

So I’ve been thinking: Are you born a leader or is it something to be taught? Is leadership something that is molded from that little spark you’ve always had inside? When you’re younger, you just assume that anyone who is a boss or a manager knows what they’re doing, but what if they don’t and are completely winging it? Maybe they weren’t born with that spark.

A leader is not someone who blames or boasts. A leader is someone who holds their hand out to say “I know it’s tough, but I’ll help”. A leader is someone who knows you don’t know what you’re doing, but has full intentions of you achieving your final goal. Whether that be to check off a line on your to-do list or conquer the world, a leader is someone who is willing to show you the way.

I do believe that anyone can enhance their leadership skills and it’s possible that others have just been inconspicuously learning how to be a good leader since they could walk, talk, think.

Maybe it’s where I fell in my family, how I was raised or just that little voice inside me that wants to do good for others. Whatever the case may be, I am confident I was born to be a leader. I may not leave footprints on the moon or own a seat in the Oval Office, but I do know that I am meant to help others reach their ultimate potential. I was born to be of assistance to others through my goodwill and with a kind heart. And not in anyway by being weak, but being strong and leading others to greatness.


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