Why Ellen Degeneres is my Role Model

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Ellen is not like most people. She is not boastful nor proud, but kind, positive and loving. Her talk show focuses on a mixture of achievements, tough times, and regular people just doing the right thing and aims to point of the positivity in everyday life. Not only does she point of the kids who have memorized presidential facts, wives going through a rough patch while their husbands are deployed or regular people who take the time to help a “troubled” delivery driver pick up fallen goods, but she does it all with extreme generosity and sincerity that leads you to believe she is really that kind of person.

Instead of making an app of herself to make more money like Kim Kardashian or transforming her personality to be more like the others like Taylor Swift, she’s stood up for herself, the little people and what she believes in. She is true to herself and doesn’t falter just because times are changing.

In a mature, 23-year-old way, I was always of fan of Taylor Swift for the same way she treated regular people like their lives matter too. But lately, Taylor has seemed to changed course and has hopped on the fame train with all the other musicians and celebrities. She doesn’t seem real anymore.

I’ve read Ellen’s book “Seriously… I’m Kidding” at least 4 times. The way she ties in serious subjects with humor and light-hearted fun convinces me that being that kind of person is a capability. No matter what I do in life, I want to spread joy and possibility wherever I go. I want people to look at me and know what being true to yourself and your morals is possible. You don’t have to blend in to the harshness of the world to be liked. You don’t have to join in on the gossip to feel like you fit in. But you can be like Ellen, and always put others first, leaving every day saying “Be kind the one another”.


One thought on “Why Ellen Degeneres is my Role Model

    jessimika1992 said:
    February 28, 2015 at 2:01 am

    I love the joy you can see it gives her, to give to others. I know other talk show people give away things too, but when I used to watch Tara or the small episodes I have seen Oprah do– they don’t have the same genuine emotion like Ellen does.

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