The Most Important Class I Took in College

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Graduation was just a week ago today and since I’m only working part-time for the time being, I’ve had time to reflect on my college experience.

Besides my major-based classes like broadcast journalism and multimedia journalism, I took a class the summer of my sophomore year that changed everything for me. It was called “Writing for Management” and during a accelerated six week course, it taught me business techniques that I had been longing to learn. In that class I learned the ins-and-outs of writing a compelling resume, including but not limited to what work descriptions to include, what order skills should go in, why you should change your resume up to fit a job, etc.

My teacher, whose name escapes me at the moment, was strict and taught us as if we were really in the middle of getting critiqued at a job. She taught us how to write a cover letter, how to search for internships/jobs, how to write thank you cards and memos. She drilled us with interview questions and expected us to know how to dress for a job interview, complete with how to verbally communicate that you were strong, dedicated and eligible for the job.

These types of classes should be necessary in American education. How many times have we heard young 20-somethings, including myself, complain because we know nothing about taxes, how to take out a loan, how to have a successful job interview, where to buy checks. I could not tell you one thing I learned in 10th grade American History or even in Mass Communication Theory in college, but I could recite to you all that I learned in my six week Writing for Management class sophomore year of college. It wasn’t even a class I was mandated to take, but it was one of the most useful ways I spent my summer.

I encourage everyone to take a class like this, even if it’s only at your local YMCA. It taught me everything I know as a 22-year-old hopeful business leader.


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