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“Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.” – Dalai Lama

I read this quote today while meandering through some old Pinterest posts and it struck a cord with me. This quote explains my life perfectly and the outlook I try to have while following my life’s journey. I know I speak about this whole “I am just trying to follow the route my life is supposed to go on” speech often, but it is so prominent in my life at the moment I can’t escape it. Call it good timing, call it a stroke of luck in this infinite world of bad timing, but I am making it. And part of “making it” is being optimistic and taking rejection with a grain of salt. It’s standing strong against the winds of disappointment, knowing that you just have to make it through a little longer to see brighter days.

My cliches just ran rapid through that last paragraph, sorry. I’m feeling a little cliche-y.

Let me explain.

Sometimes we get so caught up in always having to be perfect (at least I do) that it seems like every rejection is just another twist of the knife stabbed through your future goals. I work extremely hard, never really quitting or rejecting an opportunity or a chance to better myself. And when I didn’t get that call back from the radio station job last summer, this quote is exactly what I was feeling.

The interview went flawlessly. I had worked at a radio station before. I was interested in learning. I was motivated and energetic. I knew terms and phrases of radio lingo. I was free nights and weekends. I connected well with the interviewer. I even was introduced to other employees at the station. But I never got a call back.

It’s not that a letdown like that is a setback, but a catapult that shoots you from where God doesn’t want you, to a perfect moment where your dreams will sometime soon come true. It’s that dull feeling of “I’m not good enough,” trying to get you down, even when fate is just about to nip you in the butt with good fortune.

In the past six months, I had two disappointments that I tried to keep strong through. I was told I wasn’t going to be able to intern at WPTV again due to the high volume of applicants (even though they told me to apply again and they would automatically accept me.) That day I read the e-mail from the internship director was crushing. I was really banking on working on the web again, and having a spring/summer chance at working at my dream news station. But that was sadly flushed down the toilet with the rest of my dreams and aspirations.

While interning at the weight-loss company, I received an e-mail from my old boss from WPTV asking if I’d be interested applying for a full-time job in the web department, starting immediately. I jumped on the opportunity, clicking that “Apply now” button with my heart beating uncontrollably through my fingertips. A couple e-mails were exchanged, and I thought maybe I had the job! That is until I explained that I still had a year left of college, and wouldn’t be able to work 40+ hours a week. After two weeks or so, he said we’d be in contact again once I graduate.

Again. There I was, waving goodbye to hopes of working at WPTV. It was as if they packed all my goals onto a metal crushing machine you see on cartoons and someone forced me to watch as they pounded my life to the ground. I was torn, but stayed optimistic. “It would all come in due time,” I often said.

This did, in fact, turn out to be my wonderful stroke of luck.

I was constantly on the Scripps website, applying for positions I didn’t really qualify for, but took a jab at trying to start somewhere. I had basically given up on the fact that I would work there before I graduate, so instead decided I was going to ask my social media internship for more hours.

And a day before I was to ask, I got the call from WPTV with the phone call for a job interview, and two days later, I had the job!

It’s not about always getting everything, or even being disappointed for the things you don’t get. It’s about knowing that in the future, your life will be what your life is meant to be. You’ll stumble across the job at the right moment and you’ll be noticed finally. You’ll get that phone call eventually with someone wanting to give you a chance. The funny thing is, that radio job I mentioned, I never got a call back for a second interview. I took it as a loss and shrugged it off and kept living my life. But on the day I accepted my internship offer from WPTV, the radio station called me back asking if I was still interested in the job.

It’s all a matter of timing.

So I’ll leave you with this quote. Don’t be fooled or let down when things don’t go your way. They were meant to go that way. If you poured your heart and soul out into an interview and you don’t get a call back, don’t fret. It’s just not your path. It’s not the train you’re supposed to catch for a better life.

Just be patient. Tell every possible employer “thank you for the opportunity” and move on. Your time for greatness is closer than you think.


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