You gotta’ have faith!

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It’s a silly and simple concept, really. We wake up every morning, brush the midnight raid of an entire roll of Oreos out of our teeth, shower, shave, groom, primp, cover, color, straighten, curl, spray and act like this is something that we’re just supposed to do. But within the past three years that I’ve been in college, I’ve learned just how much just forgetting a single task, taking an extra step, or adding another major on just because you want to seem smarter can change your life.

If you don’t believe that our lives are one big path, this entry will not be for you. My Nana taught me that life is one big obstacle course, where every giant fire pit, deep water hole, and nail-covered balance beam just leads us into the direction we’re supposed to go. We’re supposed to take part-time jobs that require us to nod politely as old people blame you for the cold air conditioner ruining their evening. You’re supposed to change out of your Hello Kitty pajamas and go to that high school football where your future boyfriend will be and you’re supposed take terrible English classes where professors disagree with your every opinion. It’s FATE! My fate took wildly outrageous turns, making poor choices solely for the acceptance and awe effect from others, and ultimately taking someone’s life.


Just kidding.

It’s not that intense, but sometimes (most of the time) I feel the need to be better (I guess I expressed that up there ^ , whoops.) I am not happy with what I have, ever. I always want more. I always want to do better. To experience more. To learn more. To be president of everything. To be fitter. To sit around more. To eat more vegetables. To eat more junk food. To add more sentences about what I want to do more of. But it’s all fate in the end. God must be somewhere up there though, with his paintbrush, ink pad and smudges of dirt and disagreement, drawing these crazy road blocks and mud roads that has resulted in my life. So without further adue and ranting, here it is, why I believe in fate (in my quick 1 minute spiel.) 

“My Multimedia academic advisor told me I should minor in something, which led me to wander into the  English department, which led me to signing papers saying I would double major in Communication and English, which led me to take the Writing for Management english course, which taught me how to apply for internships without the help of my college and also which made me apply for a job I was completely unqualified for so I could practice, which brought to me the page one month later where there was an internship available at my dream job, WPTV NewsChannel 5, which I applied for and which I got a call back for a month later, which made me take the amazing opportunity as the only intern they hired for the Fall, which made me realize that I loved journalism which made me hate my English major, which made me drop it, which made me have more time to focus on writing news, which made me to think about another internship after I was done, which led to me basically being the only one in the social media/news department at a company called Smart for Life today and I am making headway!” 

It’s obviously not that crazy as I foreshadowed it to be, but it’s my fate, the path I’m on. I had to take the class where the teacher never liked what I was doing, and hated that I didn’t have errors on my paper because I was meant to learn how to be independent and find internships by myself. 

It’s a twisted, curvy, rough path, and though I may portray a girl who has it all together, sometimes I need to fall to my knees on my hard cement sidewalk in a torrential downpour and curse to the heavenly sky, “WHY DID YOU LET ME GET A B ON THAT SOCIOLOGY QUIZ!!”

Once again, it’s not that intense.

But sometimes I do sit in my room and stalk LinkedInprofiles of people who are seemingly better than me and shed a tear or two.

But when this starts to happen, and my lip starts to quiver and my mom texts me, “Stop crying. You’re fine and beautiful and dandy,” I have to remember that this is all part of my fate. 

I worked hard at WPTV! These were the only pictures I took.

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