Mo and Sally 2012

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By: Markella Haynes

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.– Every weekday at 3:45 a.m., radio morning show co-host Sally Sevareid hits her snooze button for the first time.  She shuts her eyes for five more minutes thinking about how her five cats need to be fed, coffee needs to be made, and that her husband and co-host, Monty “Mo” Foster, needs to wake up.
Since 2003, this has been the beginning of a typical workday for Sevareid before she starts the four-hour morning show on KOOL 105.5’s The Mo and Sally Morning Show.
While the majority of people are just getting up or sleeping soundly, Sevareid and Foster are already pulling into their parking space at work.
“We like to be here at 5 a.m., that’s our comfort zone,” Sevareid said. “And then I feed other cats. There are two outside the studio.”
The sacrifices Sevareid and Foster make as morning show personalities affects their personal life because of the unusual hours they work.
“We have to say no to a lot of stuff during the week,” said Sevareid. “Unfortunately, friends will want to do something or whatnot or we will be out somewhere on a Friday night and we’re falling asleep at 11.”
Around 6 a.m., the red on-air sign brightly flickers inside the dimly lit studio at Clear Channel Radio in West Palm Beach. This red light signals other stations that The Mo and Sally Morning show is officially live.
“Sally is a pro, a professional in this business. She gets it and rolls with the punches and the changes,” said Foster. “Even though she graduated from Virginia Tech and has her fancy diploma and everything, she doesn’t mind doing stupid stuff on the radio that I come up with.”
Since 1994, Sevareid and Foster have been playing double roles as a married couple and morning show co-hosts.
“We’re a show, you can’t separate us. We’re a package deal,” said Sevareid. “It also works that way as well if one of us says something naughty and gets fired, they can toss the other one off too.”
“We spend so much time together that, on air and off air, it just seems to work,” said Foster.
Sevareid and Foster agree on most activities, scheduling, and daily duties, but just like any other married couple, they occasionally have a difference of opinion.  Morning show Producer and co-host, Tim Allan Walker explains that he has learned this working first hand and on-air with the couple.
“You learn that you don’t take sides,” Walker said. “If you take sides, suddenly you’ll be looking for a new job.”

Elyse Lautenschlager, former intern and friend of the morning show team, said that although the pair works well together, Sevareid is definitely the leader.


“Sally wears the pants in the relationship, but they’re pretty pants. They’re stylish pants,” said Lautenschlager. 

Things run smoothly now, but life was not always so glamorous for Sevareid. She had to work her way up from the bottom.
“I went to this really small AM country music station in Blacksburg, Virginia and asked them if there was anything I could do, you know, work there, and they asked me how tall I was,” said Sevareid. “I said ‘five-seven’ and they said ‘you could fit into this’ and it was the Wacky Bird costume, the stations mascot. So my first job I wore a bird costume for a radio station. You can’t start much lower than that.” 
For nearly a decade, the couple has been working on The Mo and Sally Morning Show and they cannot imagine it any other way.
Foster said, “I don’t think I could work with anybody else,” while Sevareid adds, “Nobody else would put up with me.”



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