About Markella Haynes

My name is Markella, named after St. Markella of the Greek island my grandma is from, a Cum Laude graduate of Florida Atlantic University with a B.A. in Multimedia Journalism, and an optimist by nature. I like to write about nonsense, read about alternate universes, and experience life as it throws me curveballs.

Learning is something I take very seriously. I love to learn, and self-teach. Sometimes I can’t believe the world we live in, just how wonderful and tragic it can be. I love working behind the scenes on projects, editing videos, filming, and writing. 998654_10152394319970931_528822215_n (1)

I’ve interned at Clear Channel Communications for the KOOL 105.5 Mo and Sally Morning Show, Smart for Life Cookie Diet as their Social Media Reporter, and WPTV News Channel 5 in the web department. I am constantly looking to grow and learn as much as I can. In 2013, I became a HootSuite Certified Professional and was an assignment editor for FAU’s radio show South Florida Journal.

Currently, I work at a full-service advertising agency as a social media coordinator. Being surround by so much creativity all day makes me so happy and proud to say where I work.

I have always been a little ahead of myself. Age is only a number for me and I believe that if you want to be successful, start as soon as possible. I have been working as a Studio Camera Operator for WPTV NewsChannel 5 in West Palm Beach since June 2013. I like being the youngest one in the room. I snicker a little to myself when people are surprised by my age and say a quick “thank you prayer” to the big guy upstairs. I am motivated. It’s so exciting having the world at your fingertips and all you have to do is work!


gradI like being an individual. I hate crowds. Unless the crowd is full of really polite and considerate people. Then I’m sure it wouldn’t be so bad. I’m a little obsessed with social media. I have a profile everywhere. I update all of them everyday and check LinkedIn like it’s my job. I expect and accept challenges. I like being cozy. I have 12-year-old dog named Gigi and a 1-year-old cat named Joplin and I love them both the same. I love learning about successful women. We are heroes and providers just like any man out there might be. I am an achiever, a must-doer, an I-want-to-make-it some-dayer.


I volunteer a lot. In college I was president of a club called the Learning Community Liaisons. We assisted freshmen as they transition into college. We’re their mentors, friends and advisors for their first semester in college. Because of this position, I was also a member and historian of the Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honor Society and a certified student leader. I have earned over 200 volunteer hours throughout my college career. I absolutely love helping people through their tough times. I’m the oldest of three kids, one of which grew up with epilepsy, so I guess you could say it’s in my nature.


I have been with my boyfriend for over six years, and I like to listen to him talk about the things he loves. His eyes light up and he smiles a lot and it makes me happy. Oh yeah, that’s another thing. I am extremely empathetic and the only reason I ever agree to watch football is because I like to visualize how proud the players’ parents must be of their sons.

Check out my blog posts, you might just learn something!


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